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Expert Cleaning Knowledge

At Connecticut Carpet Cleaning, we offer you a truly unique and knowledgeable upholstery cleaning service for all your furniture.

We continuously train and teach our already experienced technicians updated cleaning methods for all upholstery fabrics and materials.

When we come to your home for an upholstery cleaning service, we know exactly how to remove stains, dirt, allergens and germs trapped in your furniture without disrupting the natural texture and original qualities.

Trust us our team of upholstery experts to deliver you a fresh, complete clean.

Simple, Effective System for Mess, Stain Removal

Like other furnishings in your home, your upholstery collects its fair share of messes.

These messes, along with everyday exposure to natural elements, lead to premature tearing, holes, discoloration and fading of your beautiful upholstery.

Our upholstery cleaning process effectively removes all messes and stains before they turn into permanent problems.

We use a gentle, yet effective, combination of hand-held cleaning machines and certified green products.

Our equipment works deep into cracks, crevices and folds of your upholstery.

We remove all dirt, germs, and allergens quickly and easily. Our green cleaning products bust through stains and messes using healthy, all-natural ingredients. Our cleaning treatment refreshes, revives and simply cleans your upholstery completely.

Specific Treatment for all Furniture

Our special cleaning system and green cleaning products suit each type of fabric, including leather, micro fiber, silk, wool and more. We also clean all shapes and sizes of furniture.

So trust us with your couch, love seat, arm chair, chaise lounge and, even, ottoman.

When your upholstery starts to look more messy than cozy, call Connecticut Carpet Cleaning. Our free, at-home upholstery cleaning estimate gives you the clean you need.

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Gilly Freeman, Milford

I thought my couch was beyond professional help. But when the technicians arrived they went right to work and got rid of all the stains, dirt and cat hair. My couch really looks like new again. Thank you so much!