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Fine Service for Specialized Messes

Connecticut Carpet Cleaning offers you a professional tile and grout cleaning service to maintain the high standard of clean and beauty in your home.

We service all tile and grout throughout your home.

No matter the shape or size of the mess, trust us to deliver you top-quality results.

The Gritty Truth behind Grout

Dirty grout distracts from the beauty and comfort of your home. Stained grout, with its dark brown and black spots, makes your home look and feel dirty no matter the amount of time you spend cleaning.

Because of its porous and mineral-like quality, grout easily contracts, absorbs and stores stains, germs, dirt, mold and other bacteria.

Its deep grooves make for difficult cleaning and turn into a breeding ground for further germs and messes.

These messes not only look bad, they pose serious problems for the health of your family and structure of your home. Untreated mold eats away at the foundation around and beneath your tiles.

Mold also raises health concerns for asthmatics and allergy suffers.

Simple, Effective Cleaning Process

At Connecticut Carpet Cleaning, our technicians use a combination of powerful machinery and all-natural, green cleaning products during the tile and grout cleaning service. This tough cleaning combination clears the messes and threats completely.

Our non-toxic, green products keep your family and the environment safe while eliminating germs, dirt and stains. We believe our green products work better than even traditional, chemical-based cleansers.

They also help us treat your home to the gentle, yet complete, clean you and your family need.

So when the stains and germs in your tile and grout start to take over, call us for a quick and easy, at-home tile and grout cleaning estimate.

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Jenny Lindt, Bridgeport

My house smells great and looks so fabulous. I am definitely using you guys again.