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A Professional Clean in your Office

Connecticut Carpet Cleaning provides local, trusted and professional commercial cleaning treatments.

Offices collect messes, of all shapes and sizes, which live deep in carpets, area rugs, and upholstery.

These messes leave your office unhealthy, looking and feeling unprofessional and, simply, unkempt.

Deep Clean that Counts

Connecticut Carpet Cleaning clears your office carpets, area rugs and upholstery of the distracting and germ-filled messes quickly. We help make your office work more efficiently and feel more professional.

Clean office carpets, rugs and furniture helps motivate your current employees, impresses future clients and employees and keeps your space fresh and healthy.

Special, Complete Cleaning Process

We clean all office furnishings and carpets completely with our specialized, hand-held cleaning machines. These machines allow us to give you a precise clean deep into fibers, padding and materials.

Connecticut Carpet Cleaning offers you various commercial cleaning methods that leave you with a lasting clean and freshness.

With us, you can choose from four cleaning methods which include steam cleaning, dry cleaning, deep cleaning and traditional shampoo cleaning.

Each of these methods successfully removes stains like ink, coffee, grease, gum and juice. They also wash away built-up dirt and protect against premature aging and severe damages.

Experience, Knowledge for Top Results

Our commercial cleaning treatment comes with the experience and knowledge of Connecticut Carpet Cleaning technicians.

Our technicians undergo years of technical, hands-on training. They understand cleaning fundamentals and the various fabric types.

Green Cleaning for a Healthy Tomorrow

We also use safe, non-toxic green products that aggressively fight off all stains, dirt, allergens and dirt. We refuse to risk your health or that of the natural environment with lab-created products.

Our green cleaning products feature gentle ingredients found only in nature that clean your office better than chemical-based solutions.

They don't leave behind harmful residues or sharp, offensive odors.

Call Connecticut Carpet Cleaning today to schedule your free commercial cleaning estimate. We get your office looking and feeling it's best.

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Martin Arnold, Canton

Nothing beats a professionally cleaned sofa. It looks fantastic and feels great. Your technicians really did a great job. I am so pleases.