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No matter the size or extent of the problem, our expert team works to deliver the best possible repairs. We work with premium materials and come backed with years of hands-on experience. We work precisely and diligently all while respecting both your home and its needs. 

Get to Know the Threats

Over time, home carpet starts to decline in quality. Threatening factors like constant traffic and use, excess dirt, stains and germs all weaken the fibers and foundation of your carpet.

These carpet pollutants result in buckling, tears, holes, loose seems and fading. All these damages not only serve as a serious eye sore, they also create dangers for your and your family.

Diverse Approach to Repairs

At Connecticut Carpet Cleaner, we work to protect your safety and the quality of your carpet. We use only the best available machinery and equipment to correct the damages. When necessary, we perform repairs by hand to give you the best possible results. 

We employ a team of trained and experienced technicians to provide professional repairs. They use both traditional and modern methodology when repairing your carpets.

Wide Menu of Services

We offer the following carpet repair services: 




Color Restoration 


And more

Trust Connecticut Carpet Cleaning to give you the best possible carpet repair service in Connecticut. Call today to get a free estimate.

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My house smells great and looks so fabulous. I am definitely using you guys again.