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Connecticut Carpet Cleaning looks after your health and the cleanliness of your home with professional mold removal treatments.

With 15 years of industry experience in mold removal and cleaning, we offer our fellow neighbors a truly comprehensive clean from start to finish. We leave no crack, crevice, spot or zone untreated after a mold outbreak.

Growing Problems from Mold

If you recently experienced a water emergency or noticed excess moisture in your home, it's likely that you have mold outbreak. Mold produces spores that emit biological pollutants like pollen.

These pollutants cause serious health problems for all members of your family.

Mold and spores not only lead to allergic and asthmatic reactions for current sufferers but also develops new allergic reactions from non-sufferers. Upper respiratory illnesses and infection result from untreated mold in the home, as well.

Mold damages more than just your health, it also destroys the foundations and aesthetics of your home. When it spreads, mold leaves behind dark, fuzzy stains in various colors.

These represent the spaces where mold ate away at the original materials and fabrics of your carpets, rugs, furniture, dry wall and hard wood flooring.

If left untreated in your home, mold causes serious problems for both your health and overall quality of your home.

Extensive Elimination and Prevention

Connecticut Carpet Cleaning stops the spread of mold before it's too late. We eliminate mold and clean the area to prevent future growth.

We start the mold removal treatment by drying the affected area completely. Once dry, we clean the area with green products that kill the mold and wash away any stains or water marks.

This process removes mold, cleanses the entire area, and, with the help of our green products, prevents mold from returning. We finish the mold removal treatment by applying a light, fruit-based deodorizer.

So, when you have a mold problem to defeat, call the expert technicians at Connecticut Carpet Cleaning for a professional mold removal treatment.

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