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Oriental Rug Repair

Professional Repairs from Local Experts 

At Connecticut Carpet Cleaning, we offer a professional Oriental rug repair service that fixes the damages in your valuable rug. We work to repair your rug using both traditional and modern techniques to deliver undetectable and high quality results.

Our trained rug experts come backed with experience, knowledge and passion for fine Oriental rugs. We work to repair the beauty and strength of your piece.

Get to Know the Common Rug Damages

Oriental rugs feature beautiful stories in the details of the fabric and knots. Unfortunately, over time, environmental factors and use take a serious toll on your Oriental rug.

Excess dirt, dust and allergens trapped in your rug weaken the foundation of your rug. This leads to tearing, holes and rips. Over exposure to heat and sunlight leads to various degrees of fading. Set-in stains of all sizes and shapes lead to serious discoloration.

Several Repair Options for Damages

When your Oriental rug starts to show these damages, call us for a professional Oriental rug repair service. We repair your rug using only the best available materials and products.

We take our time, and work precisely, to ensure the best possible results. We perform most repairs by hand and offer a large menu of repairs, including the following:

Spot and Stain Removal

Custom Fit Padding

Rug Re-Weaving

Repair of Slits, Rips, Tears

Water Damage Restoration

Color Bleeding

Moth Damage

Pet Damage Restoration

Hole Patching

Add or Remove Fringes

Corner Restoration

Re-Warp Binding on Sides

When you need a professional Oriental rug repair service in Connecticut, call our expert rug team. 

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