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At Connecticut Carpet Cleaning, we employ only experienced experts to perform a professional rug cleaning service.

Fine area rugs feature special stories woven tightly in their threads. They hold both irreplaceable sentimental and monetary value.

But, over time, these precious treasures start to show the dirt, stains, allergens and germs living among the valuable, revealing threads.

When your fine area rugs begins showing the negative signs of wear and age, trust our experts to give you the best possible, top-quality rug cleaning it deserves.

Everyday Pollutants Lead to Destruction

Fine area rugs require regular, professional cleaning treatments to maintain overall quality, look and value.

Whether your rug spreads across your floors or hangs prestigiously on the wall, it falls victim to exposure and everyday wear and tear.

Dirt, germs, stains and allergens easily and quickly accumulate in the threads of your fine area rug.

These pollutants lead to permanent discoloration, fading, tears, holes and extreme fringing. If left untreated, these threats can lead to the permanent destruction of your area rug.

Commitment to Clean, Quality Results

At Connecticut Carpet Cleaning, we take rug cleaning seriously. We understand the huge value and importance rugs carry, so we employ only the best to clean your piece.

Our gentle rug cleaning process eliminates all stains, dirt, allergens and germs completely.

After the initial inspection, we deliver your rug to a state-of-the-art cleaning facility. We treat the rug in a warm water bath with pre-conditioning minerals.

Then we proceed with the appropriate cleaning method to remove all messes from your rug.

Once completely cleaned, we transfer the rug to the special drying room. The rug dries completely in a climate-controlled, low-humidity room.

The last step of the process includes a final grooming and check.

When we finish the entire process, one of our Connecticut Carpet Cleaning technicians delivers a fresh, clean rug to your home.

Trust the experts at Connecticut Carpet Cleaning with your valuable asset. Call us today for a free, at-home rug cleaning estimate.

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