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Organic Cleaning

How Well Does Organic Cleaning Work? 

If done correctly, organic cleaning works just as well as (or in some cases better than) traditional cleaning processes. Organic cleaning uses highly effective and certified green cleaning products and high efficiency machines to clean. This process leaves you with a stain-free, mess-free, and healthy cleaned space. 

Organic Carpet Cleaning

Carpet hosts not only your foot traffic, but also the comfy play place for your children and pets. We effectively clean carpets using all natural, non-toxic shampoos which reach deep into the carpet fibers and convert all stains and dirt into natural free-rising soaps. 

Organic Rug Cleaning

Rugs represent a beautiful history and time period. Protect their quality and prolong their life with a green cleaning service that removes all pollutants, messes, and threats using simple, all natural cleanser. We compromise on chemicals, but never on results. 

Organic Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstered furniture gives your home a cozy, comfortable feeling. Our organic cleaning process uses simple, eco-friendly enzyme-based cleansers to remove the tough stains, dirt, and germs trapped in the fabric. We leave you with a safe clean space to cozy into at the end of a long day. 

Organic Water Damage Repair

Water emergencies cause damage to the look and health of your home and family. Clearing the mess with non-toxic, certified green cleaning products leaves you with the healthiest clean along with a stain free and safe space. 

Organic Commercial Cleaning 

Commercial spaces benefit from an organic cleaning because it removes the tough stains and messes quickly and safely. Using simple, all natural cleansers, we leave you with high quality results that use fewer resources and save you money over time. 

Effective Clean with Long Lasting Results

Our organic cleaning services clear all messes completely regardless of the extent or kind of mess. Our processes, products, and equipment all meet the stringent guidelines of the EPA and other green regulatory agencies to make our organic cleaning completely certified and effective. 

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Gilly Freeman, Milford

I thought my couch was beyond professional help. But when the technicians arrived they went right to work and got rid of all the stains, dirt and cat hair. My couch really looks like new again. Thank you so much!