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Cut Down Cleaning Time with Scotchguard

Connecticut Carpet Cleaning offers you a long-lasting clean and protection system with our professional Scotchguard application.

We spend hours of our lives cleaning up after threatening spills and stains as well as dry, crumbling messes.

As humans, we can't avoid the accidents that result in these unwanted hours of cleaning. We're just a messy group of beings.

Let the professionals cut down on the amount of time you spend cleaning up after messes with a Scotchguard application.

We want you to enjoy the protection and long-lasting clean provided by our special treatment.

Hardworking, Invisible Protection against Threats

Scotchguard delivers a layer of stain and dirt protection quickly and completely. As an invisible fabric shield, it stops the spread and absorption of staining liquids in your carpets, area rugs, mattress and upholstery.

Scotchguard, when applied professionally, covers each fiber individually to ensure the highest level of protection and cleanliness.

We highly suggest a Scotchguard treatment either before using a new carpet, area rug, mattress and piece of furniture or after a professional cleaning service.

Wet and Dry Mess Defense

With a Scotchguard treatment, liquids like wine, dark juices, grease and ink remain on the surface of your carpet, rug or furniture and do not penetrate to leave behind permanent problems.

Scotchguard also serves as a defensive barrier between dry messes and the fibers and materials of your carpets and furniture.

Just like with liquid stains, the dry messes stay above the fibers to make for a quick and easy clean up.

Scotchguard also helps any professional cleaning service performed in your home last longer.

We take the cleanliness of your home seriously and highly recommend a Scotchguard treatment to maximize the benefits of your professional cleaning services and treatments.

So when you're ready to experience a long-lasting, quick clean, call the experts at Connecticut Carpet Cleaning for a Scotchguard treatment today. We want to protect your home and precious time at the same time.

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Martin Arnold, Canton

Nothing beats a professionally cleaned sofa. It looks fantastic and feels great. Your technicians really did a great job. I am so pleases.