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Classic Furniture Needs Good Care

Classic leather furniture makes a stylish and luxurious statement in your home. If cared for properly, leather furniture lasts for years, but, if treated by untrained hands, it cracks, fades and dries out. 

Let out expert leather cleaning team clean and care for your classic leather piece. We use only the finest products, utilize past experience and knowledge, and leave you with a protective and long-lasting treatment.

Defend Against the Threats

At Connecticut Carpet Cleaning, we know enemies of your leather furniture. 

Sunlight and over exposure to heat cause your leather to dry out and crack. Built up dirt and stains weaken the natural fibers. Heavy usage by family, guests and pets also create serious damages like rips and tears.

Clean with Sheen 

Our leather cleaning process not only removes messes and threats to your furniture, it also protects and increases the life span of your leather.

As with the rest of our professional cleaning services, we start our leather cleaning with an overall inspection of the piece. We identified all damages and prescribe the best cleaning treatment.

We then go to work removing all dirt and messes using only non-toxic, green cleaning products. These special products convert stains and dirt into all natural soaps. 

We complete the process with a coat of protective conditioners and oils that absorb quickly and easily. This prevents all cracking, drying out and protects your leather for years.

Our conditioners also help repel dirt and stain from setting into your leather. They leave you with a brilliant and protective sheen.

So when you need a complete, professional leather cleaning service, call the expert team at Connect Carpet Cleaning.

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Marcelo Sanchez, Bridgeport

In the past, I never thought much of professional cleaning, especially for my rugs. But, you guys really did such a good job, I almost couldn't believe it. My rugs look great and smell fresh. I am so impressed.