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Connecticut Carpet Cleaning offers comprehensive mattress cleaning treatments for a clean, healthy nights sleep.

Unfortunately, whether you like to recognize it or not, you are not alone in bed. Creepy, crawling creatures hop into bed with you right along side your spouse, partner, dog and teddy bear.

These tiny critters make miserable guests that leave you with more nightmares than sweet slumbers.

Unwelcome Guests and Their Threats

We all remember the nursery rhyme that ends with "don't let the bed bugs bite," but did you know that bed bugs represent a very real, and current, threat to your health?

Bed bugs, microscopic blood sucking bugs, live in dark, hard-to-reach spaces in bed frames and other furniture.

They live mostly under the cover of darkness and emerge at night to feast on human ankles, legs and wrists. These small bugs cause major problems for humans and pets alike.

Dust mites also populate dark, cozy places in your home. They multiply quickly and leave behind a large amount of feces. The feces result in severe allergic and asthmatic reactions and upper respiratory illnesses.

Deep Cleaning Process

At Connecticut Carpet Cleaning, our professional mattress cleaning treatment completely removes germs, dirt, stains, bacteria, bed bugs and dust mites.

We start by using our industrial cleaning equipment. Our machines reach deep into the mattress and extracts all messes. We carefully remove all problem areas without disrupting the original quality of your mattress.

Our non-toxic, green cleaning products then wash away all tough stains, set-in dirt, germs, allergens, dust mites, bed bugs and other bacteria.

During the cleaning stage, we thoroughly sanitize and disinfect the mattress. Our green products leave you with a pure, healthy clean for you and your loved ones.

When we finish your professional mattress cleaning treatment, you can sleep easy on a fresh, restored bed with guest you actually love and adore.

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Gilly Freeman, Milford

I thought my couch was beyond professional help. But when the technicians arrived they went right to work and got rid of all the stains, dirt and cat hair. My couch really looks like new again. Thank you so much!