"In the past, I never thought much of professional cleaning, especially for my rugs. But, you guys really did such a good job, I almost couldn’t believe it. My rugs look great and smell fresh. I am so impressed."

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Oriental Rug Cleaning

Oriental Rug Clean from Local Pros

At Connecticut Carpet Cleaning we offer a complete, professional Oriental rug cleaning service that refreshes your worn, dirty treasure. 

With our premium materials and products and knowledgeable staff, we breathe new life into your Oriental rug with a deep clean.

Everyday Messes Create Future Problems

When inspecting an Oriental rug before the cleaning process, we identify all messes caused by dirt, stains, allergens, dust and germs. These threats generally come from over use, storage, and infrequent cleaning treatments. 

If left untreated, these seemingly small messes in your rug turn into serious and, sometimes, costly damages. Protect your Oriental rug with a professional cleaning from us. 

Complete, Professional Process

We remove all messes, including tough stains and embedded dirt, completely using all natural, certified green cleaning products and traditional methodology. Our cleaning process cleans without damaging your rug’s original look or qualities.

We use only green cleaning products to clean your Oriental rug. These products convert all messes in your rug to free rising soaps then rinse easily out for a simple and pure clean.

Our process first removes dirt, then cleans and rinses and finishes with a complete dry session in our humidity and temperature controlled room. When we return your rug to you, you’ll love the clean you can feel, see and smell.

So when you need a professional Oriental rug cleaning service in Connecticut, call our expert team. We love your rug as much as you do.

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