"In the past, I never thought much of professional cleaning, especially for my rugs. But, you guys really did such a good job, I almost couldn’t believe it. My rugs look great and smell fresh. I am so impressed."

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Deodorizing Treatment

Smelly Messes, Stains Overpopulation

Connecticut Carpet Cleaning offers a professional deodorizing treatment to give your home a clean look and fresh scent.

While we love the sometimes endless traffic of our family, pets and other loved ones, we don’t love the messy, stinky mysteries they bring home. 

These mystery messes make your home look and feel dirty, unkempt and, even, embarrassing.

Messy Culprits and the Consequences

Unfortunately, our loveable, furry pet friends create the biggest messes and worst smells in the home.

Pet messes pose serious threats to your home and furnishings due to the strong acids, like ammonia, found in urine and feces. Acids eat through the fibers and materials and leave yellow, off-putting stains.

Set-in stains and common dirt cause some seriously offensive odors throughout your home. These small messes, when coupled with a pet messes, not only create smelly situations, they also lead to damages in the future.

Specialized Cleaning Process for Best Results

Our special deodorizing treatment starts with a full evaluation of the stained areas. Our experienced technicians identify the problems then determine the correct cleaning method.

We then use a combination of saturation and extractions using high quality green products and industrial equipment.

We work patiently and carefully to remove all dirt, allergens, germs, feces and staining agents. Our process treats your home furnishings and carpets without harming their natural, original qualities.

So, when offensive odors and unsightly stains start to overpopulate your carpets, rugs and furniture, call Connecticut Carpet Cleaning for a professional deodorizing treatment.

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